Charity Work





The Willbarr Foundation, a Non-Profit Company and Casfin have teamed up.

William Barrett CFP® is going to push Francois Carstens on his wheelchair, in the Cape Town Marathon on September 17, 2017.

With this they are trying to raise money for the Durbanville Orphanage.

The goal is to reach R42 500 that works out to R1 000 per Km or R1 per metre.  When you donate money you may ask for a certificate and you are allowed to use your donation as a deductions when filing your next year tax-return.  Please mail with your pledges and you will receive all the necessary banking details.

We are grateful for a Company like Solutions Medical, witch came aboard from the start and is helping to get the wheelchair ready for the big day.  If you ever need some service with a smile regarding any wheelchair or rehabilitation equipment, just contact or visit them.

We are updating a graph daily to show you how many pledges we received.